Hey, this is Tahlil and I’ve been doing my research on famous restaurants in the USA for quite a long time. When I was a kid, I discovered myself as a foodie person, and from that day, I felt interested in roaming around different restaurants and tasting their foods.

Throughout my career, I never dreamt of building my own restaurant; rather I intended to do some in-depth research on various restaurants and ensure people are having the right food out there.

Meanwhile, trying foods at restaurants made me think more about mass people’s life. Therefore, I started visiting different states and collecting data regarding their monthly expenditure and tried finding out the living costs of different people.

That’s not all, due to my educational background I often had to do a lot of research on educational things, and online courses. Therefore, I used this experience in my professional life to help you a bit.

In order to stay fit, you must follow some rules. But what extra things can make you fitter? Well, you can find the solutions in some of my fitness-related writings too.

How did we write?

Now, let’s come back to what I do best. I always follow a few particular criteria while doing my research and reaching my final verdict.

  • Find out the most popular restaurant nearby.
  • Getting to know about their other branches.
  • Identifying the most crowded branch.
  • Knowing about their food items.
  • Go into the crowded branch and try a maximum of their foods.
  • Collect data regarding their menu and price.
  • Hearing from the management and the chefs.
  • Come out and listen to the public opinion regarding their food.
  • And lastly, I reach my final verdict about the restaurant.

Recently, I visited Tim Hortons and tried all of their donuts. Then, from the customers’ point of view, I got to know that Timmies’ donuts are the best in town.

Moreover, I went on to pay a visit to Dairy Queen the last month and tried out their famous blizzard items. And to be honest, they were too delicious.

You can read it here Dairy queen blizzard price, menu, and reviews.

Meanwhile, to ensure whatever I say in my writing is correct, I take a lot of time during my visit, have the food, and talk to the public. Being in a rush means, my review may not be the things that my readers are wanting.

Throughout my five years career in this field, I’ve tried to show the customers how nutritious the foods in a particular restaurant are. But my experience says that most restaurants don’t put 100% emphasis to maintain nutrition. And to be honest, it may not be possible.

One more thing that I’ve discovered during my visits to popular restaurants like Tim Hortons is that these types of restaurants don’t serve one-day-old foods to their customer in order to maintain hygiene.

So, I hope that you can get benefitted from my reviews on various restaurants and enjoy the time with your family and friends there.

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