U-Haul U-Box Cost, reviews and services: Cheaply Move Stuffs With This Container

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Unlike, you are moving to Florida from New Jersey without your belongings, the move is always a tiresome task because of the distance and the huge amount of stuff.

U-Haul can provide a flexible movement of your stuff with their U-Box container service. The cost can be as low as $1,200 for 100 miles distance. Meanwhile, if the distance is from New Jersey to Florida, it can easily cost up to $3,400.

Meanwhile, you have options like renting a truck and moving the belongings to the destination. But it’s impossible to find the same convenience, flexibility, and security during the shipment that U-Box offers.

So, let’s get going and know what else is offered by this container service.

U-Haul U-Box

U-Haul U-Box: What it really is?

When the matter is about a portable storage solution, U-Box from U-Haul appears as a suitable solution. Compared to the other moving containers available out there, it’s the smallest one.

As we’ve come to the size, let’s get a crystal clear idea of the container’s dimension.

U-Box container dimension

Before measuring the container, you must know that it will have two measurements, exterior, and interior. Check out the following two charts.

uhaul U-Box container dimension


UnitIn feet and inchesIn centimeters
Length8’ (96”)244 cm
Width5’ (60”)152 cm
Height7’6” (90”)229 cm


UnitIn feet and inchesIn centimeters
Length7’11” (95”)241 cm
Width4’8” (56”)142 cm
Height6’11.5” (83.5”)212 cm
Diagonal9’2.5” (110.5”)280 cm

This flexible movable storage service comes to your door and waits until you are ready to transport your belongings. Also, you can order as many boxes as you need to store and transfer things.

However, what’s the storage capacity here?

Two things decide the storage capacity of the container, the interior storage capacity and the total weight carrying capacity.

  • The interior capacity is 257 cubic feet or 7.3 cubic meters.
  • The maximum weight carrying capacity is 2,000 pounds or 907 Kg.

To be more specific regarding the storage capacity, we can say that one such box can store stuff available in an average size bedroom.

However, if the stuff is more, you may need two boxes as well.

Cost to move stuff across the country and Internationally

The total cost to move stuff cross-country can be as low as $1,200 and as high as $8,300 or more. However, the average cost ranges from $2,400 to $3,800.

However, the stuff is movable at three particular distances.

  • A local move is below 50 miles
  • Long distance move below 250 miles
  • Cross-country move up to 1,000 miles or more
  • International move.

Comparison among local, long-distance, and cross-country moves:

Comparison uhaul ubox among local long-distance  and cross-country moves cost

Local move

Number of containersShipping cost
1 – 2$250 – $600
3 – 4$380 – $700
5 – 6$500 – $850
7 – 8$800 – $1,200
9 – 10$930 – $1,300

Long-distance move

Number of containersShipping cost
1 – 2$1,150 – $1,400
3 – 4$1,400 – $1,600
5 – 6$1,750 – $2,000
7 – 8$2,500 – $2,700
9 – 10$2,620 – $2,850

Cross-country move

Number of containersShipping cost
1 – 2$2,050 – $2,900
3 – 4$3,850 – $5,800
5 – 6$5,400 – $8,200
7 – 8$6,700 – $10,050
9 – 10$7,700 – $11,400

International move

It’s hard to estimate the total shipping cost for an international move as there are no definite numbers given on their official website.

Therefore, the best you can do is to call U-Haul and get a quote regarding the international portable move of your stuff.

Why it’s so cheap to move stuff here?

Compared to PODS, Pack-Rat, U-Pack, and Zippy Shell, the cost is on the lower side.

Have you ever thought about why it’s so cheap to move your stuff across the country or outside the country with U-Haul’s U-Box container?

One of the main reasons that make U-Box a cheaper option is for having small containers, unlike other portable storage options.

Being a smaller box, it can carry comparatively less stuff, which keeps the total cost on the lower side.

Key factors that impact the shipping cost

The total shipping cost of the storage depends on several things.

  • Number of containers
  • Distance to travel
  • Local, cross-country, or international move
  • Delivery method
  • Amount of stuff
  • Room or apartment type.

Order as many containers as you can

Users are free to order as many containers as they can. If any container remains unused after storing all the stuff, the authority will refund the money for the extra container.

2 container boxes can charge you from $2,800 to $3,100 for traveling nearly 1,000 miles.

However, if there’re 10 container boxes, the total cost will go above $8,000.

For example, if you have ordered 3 containers to store two bedroom stuff. However, the amount of stuff was below average and one container remains unused in the end.

Let the U-Haul know about it and they will refund the previously paid money for that extra container.

Take a look at a few examples of different containers and the total shipping cost from California to Arizona, where the distance is nearly 740 miles.

Number of containersNumber of bedroomsTotal cost (Approximate)
1Studio/ efficiency apartment$2,020
21 room$2,870
32 rooms$3,850
43 rooms$4,500
53 – 4 rooms$5,440
64 rooms$6,140
74 – 5 rooms$6,700
85 rooms$7,200
95 – 6 rooms$7,770
106+ rooms$8,280

Now, the distance from Los Angeles to Phoenix is nearly 375 miles. So, will this be the total cost for portable storage containers?

Number of containersNumber of bedroomsTotal cost (Approximate)
1Studio/ efficiency apartment$1,200
21 room$1,620
32 rooms$1,900
43 rooms$2,360
53 – 4 rooms$2,730
64 rooms$3,220
74 – 5 rooms$3,610
85 rooms$4,100
95 – 6 rooms$4,450
106+ rooms$4,790

What if you have moved from New Jersey to Florida? Well, without any doubt it will cost you a lot because the distance between these two states is nearly 1,130 miles.

Number of containersNumber of bedroomsTotal cost (Approximate)
1Studio/ efficiency apartment$3,380
21 room$4,610
32 rooms$5,820
43 rooms$7,020
53 – 4 rooms$8,180
64 rooms$9,230
74 – 5 rooms$10,020
85 rooms$10,610
95 – 6 rooms$11,070
106+ rooms$11,470

The more distance, the costlier move  

If you have come through the previous sections, you may have noticed the difference in the total cost that happens due to the travel distance.

And depending on the distance, there’re three categories available within the country.

  • Local move
  • Long-distance move
  • Cross-country move.

A local move is the cheapest among the three other moves, whereas the cross-country move is the most expensive option.

In most cases, the local move is no more than 50 miles, whereas the cross-country move has no boundary.

Meanwhile, a long-distance move typically ranges from 100 miles to 250 miles.

The amount of stuff is related to the room type

It doesn’t matter how many bedrooms you are going to move to, the stuff can be divided into two categories.

  • The average amount of stuff
  • More than the average amount of stuff.

Meanwhile, to estimate the shipping cost according to the number of rooms, the room is divided into two categories.

  • Studio or efficiency apartment
  • Bedroom

The first type will always require a single container to ship the belongings. However, the number of bedrooms defines the number of containers.

For example, 3 bedrooms require 4 containers for an average amount of stuff, whereas 4 bedrooms require 6 containers for the same amount of stuff.

Delivery options have an impact as well

Basically, you will find four delivery options while shipping through U-Box containers.

  • We deliver
  • Full-service delivery and load
  • Self-delivery
  • Access at U-Haul location.

Delivery options:

We deliver –

Here, the entire shipping depends on the U-Haul authority. The only task that users need to do is to pack up the belongings in the right order before getting them ready for delivery.

The procedure is something like this –

  • The authority sends the container box to your doorstep.
  • The user packs every transferrable thing inside the box.
  • U-Haul will pick up the box after storing belongings is done.
  • They’ll store it.
  • Lastly, shipping it safely to the destination.

This particular delivery option ensures a convenient delivery without the users having much work to do. Moreover, if you don’t have a large storage truck to transport the container, this one’s a perfect solution.

Full-service delivery and load –

Full service means full service, where you can relax and inspect whether the moving delivery service is doing the job perfectly or not.

From sending the container to the doorstep to loading all the belongings inside and delivering it to the destination, everything is done under the supervision of the local service company.

But, when do people need this type of delivery service?

  • The service also ensures reliability and convenience throughout the entire process.
  • However, what most attracts the users to go for this option is they needn’t do any heavy loading.

The first option required the user himself to do the loading process, but it’s completely different here.

Moreover, the sole target of the service is to ensure your satisfaction, and only then, you should pay the charge. Also, it’s a perfect option for cross-country moves.

Self-delivery –

When saving the extra delivery fees and packing all the belongings that need to be done according to your schedule, you better choose the self-delivery option.

  • The user picks up a container from the nearest service center.
  • He must have a vehicle prepared to carry this heavy storage container.
  • Pack the belongings in the box according to the user’s schedule.
  • Drop it off.
  • The authority will transfer the box to the destination in time.

Even though you have quite a bit of work to do with this particular delivery option, it provides great flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Access at U-Haul location –

It’s the most affordable option for moving things using a U-Box container, but you’ve more works to do here. Also, this shipping service is different from conventional ones.

  • Take the transferrable items to the nearest service center.
  • Pack the belongings on-site.
  • The container will start the trip toward your location.
  • The delivery is convenient.

There are no extra fees you have to pay through this particular delivery service.

U-Haul U-Box Cost information

So, what makes the total cost?

Except for the shipping cost itself, three extra charges are there that impact the total shipping cost of the box.

  • Monthly rental fees
  • Moving help service charge
  • A delivery fee for the container.

Many people take the monthly rental fee as a downgrade of the service as well. Meanwhile, anyone wishing to ship his belongings to another place has to pay the monthly rental fee of $100.

U-Haul moving service is always there to help you quicken the loading and delivery process. However, the service is not free-of-cost as one has to pay $42 to $50 per hour.

The third factor that works onto increasing the total cost is the delivery fee for the storage container itself. Each container will charge $100 as the delivery fee.

How to pay for the delivery service?

From the moment you order a container box from U-Haul till the end of the shipping service, there’s a certain amount of money one must pay throughout the process.

If you are loading the products from the service center after taking the transferrable things there, you need to pay the least. And rather than paying online, you can make the payment offline.

In the opposite circumstance, for online payment, the user must have a debit or credit card.

Here are payments one has to during the entire shipping.

  • The box container rental fee
  • The delivery charge for the container (Depends on the number of containers)
  • Shipping charges depend on the distance
  • Delivery charge for the destination.

However, you cut the total cost quite a bit if you can avail of the insurance service for the procedure.

Note: The users can order more than one container. However, it’s not necessary to use each of the ordered containers as the authority will only charge for the used ones. But first, you need to pay for all the containers and then wait for the repayment.

Is one container enough for your stuff?

The number of containers you need depends on the amount of stuff and also the room size, which is basically regarded as a bedroom.

Check out the following chart that shows the relation between the amount of stuff and the number of the room.

uhaul stuff and the number of the room

What’s the delivery time?

On average, the delivery time ranges from 7 to 12 days depending on the destination. However, the user must pay the monthly rental fees regardless of the delivery time.

Meanwhile, what’s good about it is that U-Haul has its service available in all 50 states. But you may not find the container boxes available everywhere.

Can you cancel the order for free?

Oh yes, anyone can cancel the order or reservation of the boxes without any extra charges.

For the cancelation, the user needs to contact a representative by contacting 877-GO-UHAUL. Thus, the company has made this entire process highly user-friendly.

Are you worried about security?

With the breathable plywood construction and secured steel lock mechanism, there isn’t anything to worry about regarding the security of your belongings.

The company has seriously taken the safety issue and guaranteed to store and ship the items inside the box in the similar condition the customer loaded these belongings.

  • The container has breathable plywood construction.
  • Weather-resistant Vinyl cover for each box.
  • 24 furniture pads for the safety of the belongings.
  • Steel lock mechanism with your own lock and key.
  • The box has six feet distance from the ground.
  • Composite padded feet.
  • The storage trucks have suspension.
  • Stored in U-Haul facility storage.

Having a plywood construction ensures the things inside the box stay safe from mold, rot, or mildew.

To make keep the items inside and the box itself safe from rough weather conditions, each box is covered by a vinyl cover.

Wrap up the furniture with the 24 pads to ensure security throughout the transportation.

The user can use his own lock and key to ensure that only he can access his items after reaching the destination.

Even if the road is watery, it can’t do any harm to the box as it is six feet high from the ground and also has padded feet underneath.

To maintain the loading position of the items inside, a hauling truck must have enough suspension to move through any bumpy road.

The U-Haul storage facility area guarantees that the loaded items inside the box will remain safely stored here.

U-Haul vs. PODS: Comparison with the competitor

Both U-Haul and PODS offer cross-country and international container services. And comparing the price, both stand almost on the same page.

Let’s go through the comparison chart first.

ComparisonU-Haul U-BoxPODS
SizeOne (8 feet)Three (8, 12,16 feet)
Construction qualityPlywood with vinyl coverSteel-framed plywood walls with aluminum exterior
AvailabilityIn all 50 statesNot available in all the states
Average service cost$4,000 (approximate)$4,000 (approximate)
Furniture padsFree 24 furniture pads includedNo inclusion of such pads
Customer serviceIsn’t up to the markSatisfactory customer service
Distance coveredBoth local and long-distance movesBoth local and long-distance moves
Facility storageAvailableAvailable

In case of availability throughout the country, U-Box has better service than PODS as it’s available in all 50 states.

However, the negative customer reviews take it down more than PODS service. Moreover, PODS moving containers are a lot more spacious.

For example, the smallest container from PODS is 8 feet long, which matches the length of a U-Box container. But the funny thing is that the latter one is 5 feet wide, and the PODS container box is 8 feet wide.

Moreover, PODS containers come with sturdy and durable steel construction instead of plywood and vinyl cover construction.

So, which one comes as the winner here?

Why you should go for U-Box containers?

The moving containers from U-Haul are good to go if you are looking forward to moving items to any local destinations, cross-country and internationally.

People love using it because –

  • The nationwide availability of the service
  • The shipping costs are on the affordable side
  • Four different shipping services are available
  • Breathable wood construction keeps the items safe from mold and mildew.
  • You don’t have to pay for the unused boxes.

Why one should avoid U-Box containers?

Well, the service is not out of demerits like all other moving container services. Our in-depth research says the customer review isn’t satisfactory regarding the service.

People may want to avoid it because –

  • Have to wait a long for contacting to representatives
  • There are some hidden fees included
  • Only a single size of the container is available
  • The construction is not on the durable side
  • You have to pay the unused boxes money first and then get the refund.

Users’ review

After all the above discussions, let’s get you some real-life experience from the customers.

  • Javier was satisfied with the service as he said, “I could load the packages and furniture inside the box outside of my busy hours. So, it gave me a lot of flexibility.”
  • Paul said, “I wasn’t expecting such fluent services from U-Box. And the extended security of my items didn’t give me any nightmare like the last time.”
  • Jessica told us, “Why should we pay first for the unused boxes and get the refund later on? This is truly annoying on my part and they should look forward to changing it.”
  • Maxwell said, “The service was pretty good, but paying the monthly rental cost even if I’m not keeping the container for a month is kind of a bad thing.”
  • Chris told us to let us know, “You can select the full-service delivery option and then relax during the entire shipping time.”

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