Unicoeye Contact Lenses reviews and cost: (Is unicoeye legit?)

In a world where self-expression knows no limitations, your eyes are the canvas of choice. Unicoeye is a name connected with inventiveness, confidence, and enticing charm. Unicoeye Contact Lenses provides a kaleidoscope of alternatives for changing your eye color, elevating your style, and embracing the freedom to be uniquely you.

Unicoeye has become a lighthouse for individuals seeking not only vision correction but also a visual revolution. Unicoeye’s contact lenses range from subtle embellishments that define your innate beauty to brilliant hues that let your inner artist show.

In this post, we explore Unicoeye’s intriguing creativity, quality, and the numerous ways it empowers you. We will also learn about the cost and how people love this brand of a trendy fashion icon. So, let’s dive into this Contact Lenses.


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Product Categories

A bunch of contact lenses are available at Unicoeye. You will find four major categories while shopping at Unicoeye. They are,

  1. Colored Contacts: Color contacts are available in several color options. You will find your colored contact lenses in blue, green, brown, gray, purple, red, black, white, yellow, and rainbow.
  2. Replacement: Contacts are available in a variety with replacement duration. They are categorized into three types considering the period of your contact lenses. There are Monthly Contacts, 6 Months Contacts, and Yearly Contacts.
  3. Diameter: Contacts are available in four different diameters as well. You will find 14.0mm contacts, 14.2mm, 14.3mm, and 14.5mm contacts based on diameters.
  4. BC: And there’s BC that offers 3 types of lenses, 8.5mm, 8.6mm, and 8.8mm.

Other than those you can choose your colored lenses by some different categories, such as eye color, prescription range, and different series of contact lenses offered by Unicoeye. There’s a branch that tries to change your outlook matching your lenses with dress code following the tone.  


Benefits and Features

Contact lenses from Unicoeye are a name of trust over build quality and features. The brand introduces innovation on their product routinely. Let’s see the benefits and the features offers.


  • Stunning Aesthetics: Unicoeye offers a large variety of engaging and brilliant hues to significantly alter the appearance of your eyes.
  • Comfort: These lenses are comfortable to wear, even for long periods, according to many users. This is because of moisture-retaining technology.
  • Natural Look: Also offers alternatives for a subtle, natural change to the color of your eyes that is appropriate for daily wear.
  • Different Designs: A wide range of patterns and styles to suit your mood and style.
  • Prescription Range: Offering both prescription and non-prescription lenses, this service caters to both vision correction needs and cosmetic requirements.


  • Material Quality: High-quality components are used in the construction of Unicoeye lenses for comfort and security.
  • Advance Tech: Incorporates cutting-edge technology for durability and moisture retention.
  • Broad Spectrum of Colors: Provides a wide variety of hues, including striking and unusual tones.
  • Prescription Options: Offers choices for people with certain vision correction requirements.
  • Customization: This enables you to select lenses that best reflect your tastes and sense of style.

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Unicoeye Lenses

Series of Products

4 basic series are available at this moment. They are,

  1. Natural: You get 123 products in this series to enhance your look naturally with all the color variations.
  2. Dress Up: A total of 73 products are available in this series. They are for customized looks and formal fashion trends.
  3. Enlarge: These lenses are available for both prescription and non-prescription suggestions. There are 193 products in stock.
  4. Costume: With 137 in-stock lenses this series is a Halloween special and offers many colorful and unique-looking colored contact lenses.

User Reviews

Unicoeye is one of the most popular colored contact lens providers in the USA. With more than 4.5 rating and overall good customer satisfaction, it places top among others. We have collected reviews from a trusted online review platform that shows Unicoeye has been a rising brand working for your different and transformed look that goes beyond conventional fashion sense.

With more than 88% 5-star rating this is a leading lens-providing company in the US. Let’s see what people think about Unicoeye and its products.

  • Melissa Winters recently said,” Unbelievable how Great these contacts are. Received them quickly after ordering and fell in Love. Customer service was quick to respond with any concerns I had. I recommend it to all my friends and family. 10/10”
  • Leslie Rowell expressed this May,” I’ve been wearing prescription contacts for 30+ years and had never seen so many colored contact options that offer prescription lenses. Although I was not familiar with Unicoeye, I did my research and decided to give them a try. I’m so glad I did- not only are the contacts beautiful, but the customer service is amazing. They were very accommodating and fast to reply to questions. I absolutely recommend Unicoeye if you’re looking for gorgeous lenses from a great company!”
  • Another Johnny Fantastic this year rated a 5-star rating saying,” Ordered 4 pairs of prescription lenses on 2/17/23. Unicoeye sent the tracking number immediately, and recv’d exact order on 2/28/23. Excellent fit. look great. Very pleased with the product and service. Will place more orders.”

A ton of reviews are available on the internet (Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platform). A few of them tell about the inconveniences while most of them will inspire you to make a purchase decision after giving a good thought. We recommend you check them before going for the purchase.

Cost Analysis

With so many coupons, discounts, and promo codes available on Unicoeye products, these colored lenses are a pocket-saving option compared to other competitors. Besides, they have numerous deals and offers throughout the year.

The Fall Renewal deal offers up to 50% discounts on several items. Plus, there is a buy-and-get-free offer is still going on. Flash sale sales start from $1.99 only and offer free shipping with $25+ purchase.

Their Halloween Bash also continues with a buy-and-get-free offer. It has a unique collection of lenses that is capable of changing your entire look with your eyes. The product starts at $1.99 only!

To know the updated prices and deals on colored contact lenses keep an eye on the official website of the Unicoeye.

Prescription Options

Unicoeye offers both prescription and non-prescription colored contact lenses. Either you can connect with experts and ask for your desired lenses or you can simply share your prescription and choose the color of your contacts you are about to pick.

Both options give you the freedom to choose your desired color, replacement duration, and power of the lenses. Prescription lenses are available in 6 colors. The power ranges start with 0.00 and range from -1.00 to -8.00. You can choose the replacement duration of 1 month6 months, or 12 months.

While non-prescription offers you 8 colors of lenses remaining the power and replacement duration are similar to the prescriptions’.

Maintenance and Care

Colored contact lenses are prone to get affected by dust and greasy items. They require proper care and maintenance for longevity. We have provided some effective ways that you can perform and maintain to keep your lenses clean and usable for the long run.

  1. Clean Hands: Before touching your lenses, always wash your hands with soap and water.
  2. Use Recommend Solution: Rinse and store your contact lenses in a dependable contact lens solution that has been approved by your eye care physician.
  3. Respect the Recommended Replacement Schedule: Respect the suggested replacement schedule, whether it be daily, monthly, or quarterly.
  4. Clean and Rinse: After removal, clean your lenses by gently rubbing them in the solution to get rid of any dirt or protein accumulation.
  • Proper Storage: Keep your lenses in a case that is both clean and filled with new solutions. Make sure to frequently update the casing and to keep it clean.
  • Avoid Exposure to Water: Exposure to water, including swimming or taking a shower while using contact lenses, can cause infections.
  • No Overnight Wear: Unless they are made for extended or overnight wear, colored contact lenses should not be worn while you sleep.
  • Regular Check-Ups: Schedule routine eye exams with your eye care provider to make sure your lenses are being worn correctly and your eye health is being preserved.
  • Replace Damaged Lenses: If a lens is scratched or torn, replace it right once to protect your eyes from harm.
  • Never Share: To stop the spread of illnesses, never share your colored contact lenses with others.
Unicoeye Contact Lenses

Is Unicoeye legit?

Unicoeye is an FDA-approved brand that provides colored contact lenses all over the United States. They have several warehouses across the country. We have already given the information on their US warehouses.

Considering reviews of the clients and the overall rating on many platforms we can say Unicoeye is legit and it is mostly trusted by consumers with some minor errors.

Ever since the brand introduced the online website they have been working on Improving the trust and care of their buyers.

Pros and Cons

Unicoeye has been a trusted platform for colored contact lenses of all types. They have been a reliable trader since the beginning of 2021. Their trust and reputation are based on the experience of their customer. Unnicoeye has been trying to develop the relationship between the customer and the trader. Still, a few mistakes were found by some customers who found irregularities with the service.

We have gathered the visual merits and demerits of the services and product experience of Unicoeye. Let’s take a look at them.

Stunning aestheticsHigher price
Comfortable wear 
Natural lookLimited prescription options
Variety of design 
Prescription and non-prescription optionsLimited visibility range

Competing with quality and aesthetics Unicoeye is the peoples’ choice and they have been a reliable option for thousands.

Safety Instructions  

Contact lenses are an additional object added to a very sensitive part of your body. Hence this is very important to take proper care and precautions for your eye health with your lenses. Colored lenses are usually safe with proper medication and instructions to use. In order to ensure that colored glasses are safe, keep the following in mind:

  • Prescription and Non-Prescription Lenses: It’s important to get colored contact lenses with a current prescription from an eye care specialist if you need vision correction. If used following the manufacturer’s directions, non-prescription colored lenses are also offered for aesthetic reasons.
  • Authenticity and high quality: Only get colored lenses from reliable, authorized vendors. Check to see if the lenses are U.S. FDA-approved or adhere to national regulatory requirements in your nation. Your eyes could be seriously harmed by counterfeit or poor-quality lenses.
  • Proper Fit: To guarantee that colored lenses are comfortable and do not harm your eyes, they should be fitted to your eyes properly. Optometrists or ophthalmologists are advised to fit you properly.
  • Keeping Colored Lenses Clean: When handling colored lenses, use careful hygiene. Use a proper contact lens solution for cleaning and storage, fully wash your hands before handling the lenses, and adhere to the cleaning schedule suggested by your eye care specialist.
  • Wear Schedule: Follow your eye doctor’s or the product’s manufacturer’s advised wear schedule. The risk of eye discomfort and infection can increase with extended wear or wearing lenses longer than advised.
  • Regular Eye Check-up: Even if you don’t have any vision problems, schedule frequent eye exams with your eye care specialist to monitor the health of your eyes. When using colored or clear contacts, this is very crucial.
  • Allergic Reactions: Be alert for any symptoms of an allergic response or discomfort, such as redness, itching, or frequent crying. Remove the lenses right away and speak to an eye care specialist if you encounter any of these signs.
  • Avoid Sharing Lenses: It is not advisable to share colored lenses with others. Sharing lenses increases the risk of eye infections by allowing bacteria to spread.
  • Limit Wear Time: Avoid wearing colored contacts overnight or for extended periods. Prolonged use may decrease the amount of oxygen reaching the cornea, increasing the risk.

Contact Info and Address

A convenient connection with the customer brings a good reputation for any brand. Unicoeye has been trying this fortune-bringer ever since the first public approach. Their communication with the customers brings positive ratings to the business. Thus, it has been a priority to make communication easier and healthier.

They have been very responsive to their clients. If you want to reach to their customer care service or after-sell service you can simply e-mail or make a call to them. We have provided the contact number and address here to make your communication with Unicoeye faster way.

For customer service information e-mail them.

After-sales service telephone number- 1 (727) 201-1781

Business telephone number- +8615813725196

Contact address- 901A1, No. 6, Kangli City, No. 66, Pingji Avenue, Shanglilang Community, Nanwan Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen.

Local Warehouse

US local warehouse offers faster delivery within 2-6 days. If you have several orders to come they may come with different boxes out of different warehouses. But the one titled with US Warehouse (local warehouse) serves you faster.

The address of their warehouse is 5521 Schaefer Ave #5, Chino, CA 91710, USA.

For more information connect with Unicoeye through the contact numbers and address we have provided.

Coupon Code

Using a valid coupon code can be a savior option and a great deal for the customers. Usually, coupon codes are published on various platforms and websites. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before grabbing a coupon code.

Coupon Code offers several promo codes, discounts, and deals including free shipping. Find your code while they are available.

Unicoeye offers flash sales and various discounts on their products. So, keep an eye out to catch the best deal on your budget. There are many other coupon code websites offering discounts and promo codes over the year. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are good options to get your coupon code in the first place.

Wethrift offering up to 60% discount with coupon codes available for this October. Try some older coupons as well. 

Drivereasy is offering more than 50 promo codes. Take a bit of time and you will find deals and codes that will make your purchase into a great deal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Unicoeye FDA-approved?

Ans. Yes, Unicoeye is an FDA-approved brand and they provide FDA-approved colored contact lenses.

  • What are blind contact lenses?

Ans. Blind contacts, also known as blackout contacts or sclera lenses, are a specific kind of contact lens made to completely enclose the visible portion of the eye, including the iris and the sclera. In order to produce dramatic and otherworldly looks, these lenses are frequently utilized for theatrical or special effects applications.

  • Are colored lenses safe?

Ans. Colored contact lenses can be safe when worn appropriately and with adequate care, but it’s critical to follow rules and take precautions to preserve your eye health.

  • Can you see through blind red contacts?

Ans. These types of contact lenses are made for special appearance and for a short time dressing. Since they cover your iris and pupil to make a dramatic appearance this makes the vision mostly obscure. 

  • Why does the color on the website differ from the actual color?

Ans. The color of the lenses may change and appear different due to variable circumstances, such as light, camera lens filters, surrounding colors, natural eye color, eye shape, makeup, etc. Such situations ought to be accepted.

  • What should I do if contact lenses irritate my eyes?

Ans. Please leave your lenses in the special contact lens care solution for 24 hours and then gently clean and rinse them.

In order to prevent undesirable side effects like irritability, dry eyes, hazy vision, etc., check the two sides before putting the lenses on.

  • Is it possible to exchange or return my order?

Ans. Unfortunately, Unicoeye does not offer exchange services to any customers. Once you receive the package, you have 24 hours to notify them if there are any problems with your order.

Conclusion: Embrace the power of expression with Unicoeye

Unicoeye’s commitment to quality, comfort, and a breathtaking spectrum of colors is a testament to its dedication to your vision. Whether you seek to subtly enhance your natural beauty or boldly redefine your appearance, Unicoeye offers the tools to make it happen.

They offer you a fashion style that separates you from others and gives you a new vision and reformed look. Last but not least, Unicoeye has been a trusted source for many, and we hope you find this appreciating as well.

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