How much does United Parcel Service (UPS) 2023 payouts to its drivers?

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UPS is America’s most reliable parcel service started its journey more than a century ago. It was a simple delivery project by two young stars that eventually proved to be the best parcel courier service in the world.

United Parcel Service is renowned for its passionate and responsible professionalism. After decades, the company still values the principle it was built with.

In this business, drivers are the most valuable assets. Thus they need to get paid a fairly handsome amount of salary to keep pace.

In the USA, a UPS driver can earn more than $60,000 per year with experience and skill. And that is fairly above the national average. The hourly payment ranges from around $22 to $35. That makes sometimes nearly $90,000 a year.

Today, we are going to talk through the salary of UPS and everything related to it. so, let’s start with the United Parcel Service.

UPS drivers salary
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The story of the UPS

It all began with a $100 loan in 1907; the two teenagers made their debut with the American Messenger Company (AMC). After years, it is now the most spread courier service worldwide. UPS is operating in 220 countries and delivering promises safely.  

In 1919, the name United Parcel Service (UPS) debuted and they started their expansion outside Seattle. In the same year, UPS started its transportation system with its signature-colored vehicles. This represented class, sophistication, and true professionalism on their own. 

Expanding the business all across the USA and reliable and consistent delivery service earned them a brighter title, the ‘Golden Link’ in 1975.

After that, UPS never stopped looking forward to making bold moves. Today’s UPS has its air-born service and offers retail delivery options and many more. Following the traditional philosophy, the company has been outspreading happiness among clients and its diligent workers.

‘Customer First, People Led, Innovation Driven’

UPS is a company with a proud past and an even brighter future. Our values define us. Our culture differentiates us. Our strategy drives us. At UPS we are customer first, people led, and innovation-driven,” said Carol B. Tome, the 12th CEO of UPS.

Here, the customer is the top priority of the business. The comfort and reliability of their goods and delivery is the first and foremost duty. Not only the goods, but it also delivers happiness at home.

UPS helps its SMBs (Small to Medium Businesses) to grow faster and consistently with less interruption in their transportation. The company is also providing healthcare services and women empowering business strategy. By expanding the advancement to the people, UPS is making a worldwide effort in making the world better and habitable. 

The company is going bright with its manpower. UPS is built strong with responsible leadership and hardworking employees. The latest CEO and other senior executives are working harder along with the workers to make a better step in the world economy.

UPS is now more than just a parcel delivery service. The company now participates in World Expo and other Summits with innovative technology. Its carbon-neutral vehicle and sustainable urban logistics and many more projects are running for the welfare of mankind.

Average Driver Salary

Drivers get fairly paid at UPS. The company has been paying its manpower to make sure they hold a longer career at UPS. The drivers are no exception to that.

On average, drivers are paid $22 hourly by UPS which is 44% above the national average for a driver. The annual wages of a driver at UPS range from around $42,000 to $68,000 with an average of $53,000 per year, as of July 2022.

Drivers with more experience tend to get paid better with yearly incentives that sometimes go over 50% of the base salary. Even with a little experience, a person can earn more than $32,000 per year at UPS. Along with the experience, location, and skill that can noticeably boost your payouts. The consistent performance will also earn you a rank at the top.

Top salary:  $33/hour is the top salary for a delivery driver paid by UPS. The highest annual wages can be around $90,000 with an experience of 20 years plus.

Minimum salary: For the minimum wage a driver gets paid $11/hour with entry-level experience. Soon after that, developing skills and performance, it is possible to increase the amount of salary. The minimum salary is considered around $26,000 to $35,000 per year.

Driver Salary at UPS chart

Drivers at UPS

At UPS, drivers are well experienced and similarly tested on the purpose. The company knows the value of your emotions, thus it is always up to ensure the proper delivery of parcels.

‘Courier with care and delivered in time is what is taught to the drivers. Drivers are trained well before joining a service. A DOT physical exam is also required to get passed for the post. Depending on locations and facilities at UPS, drivers are trained with standard (manual) transmission vehicles.

Drivers get trained in the safest way using Virtual Reality (VR) technology. UPS Digital and Technology officer ensures the latest routing options are included in the training session. Drivers are fully prepared before going out with their carrier out of UPS.

In short, drivers are to fulfill these criteria in particular,

  1. Should pass the DOT physical exam
  2. Must have excellent customer contact
  3. Better driving skill
  4. An issued driving license
  5. Wear company provided uniform while in service

Salary Per-State

Since UPS pays its drivers and helpers considering location and experience, it is possible to earn a bigger amount working in certain areas. Typically large cities and metropolitan areas are good picks to go with.

In this part of the article, we are about to mention the approximate salary of a UPS delivery driver in some of the busiest states in the USA. The table below describes the possible salaries that can vary with the driver’s experience and skill.

LocationAnnual Approximate Salary
New York$63,500
San Francisco$66,000
New Jersey $54,000
Georgia $53,000
Los Angels$63,000
Las Vegas$46,500

UPS is serving all across the United States. It has reached almost every corner of the nation. Thus, we have only included some of the known ones in the list above.

The ‘Growing UPS’

From the beginning, the company has dreamt of going large, to spread all over. On this very day, UPS is not only a parcel provider brand but also doing various eco-friendly technological projects. Today, we will learn a bit about the extensions of the UPS.

The UPS Foundation: For almost 70 years The UPS Foundation is changing the world into a natural one with more greenery and making it trying to make it a healthy, habitable planet.

This foundation focuses on four particular areas that help improve nature along with acting on humanitarian deeds. These are,

  1. Health and humanitarian relief
  2. Equity and economic empowerment
  3. Local engagement and
  4. Planet protection

Besides, UPS is working on an alternative fuel system to reduce carbon emissions with its delivery vehicles. The company had purchased 156 million gallons of RNG (alternative fuel) to make an impact on the world’s carbon emission reduction.

The company has invested $1B in the training and development of its employees. Despite different races and creeds, UPS continues job offers for people all around the world.

SheTrades: ‘SheTrades’ is the platform for building women’s empowerment all over the world. It is offering programs and seminars to involve women to take a step on the journey of making the world sustainable and beautiful.

Many more technological advancements and planetary workshops are being held at UPS to achieve a global change for good.

UPS delivery
UPS delivery

Environment-Friendly Transportation (EFT)

As we mentioned earlier, trucks and cars at UPS are running on alternative fuel (Renewable Natural Gas) and many of them are electrified to stop producing carbon-oxide gas and particles.

In fact, the RNG is somewhat reducing the chance of global warming. Penny Naas, President of International Public Affairs and Sustainability said, “It’s a winning solution. RNG is moving our vehicles and making the planet better.”

RNG uses Methane and Methane traps heat 25 times more than Carbon Dioxide. The process turns Methane into clean fuel and even reduces Carbon from the environment. 

Another aspect that neutralizes carbon emissions is the use of EVs. This is nothing new for UPS. The company has been using EVs since the 1930s. UPS is doing business with more than 1,000 EVs and 13,000 alternate fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

UPS driver salary around the world

Outside the United States, UPS is famed in two more countries, the UK and Canada.

In Canada, a UPS driver typically earns $61,000/year with an hourly payment of $31 on maximum average. The highest salary in Canada for a UPS driver is 70,000 USD per year or a bit more. 

The UK typically pays £25,000 per year for a UPS driver. That is 20% more than the national average in the UK.

But still, the popularity in the whole United States shows how the company is working and participating in the national economy more than in any other country.

The graph below might give you a clearer idea of the popularity of United Parcel Service in the USA.

UPS driver salary around the world

UPS Drivers VS Others: A salary comparison

Driving in the cities of the United States is somewhat similar to each other. Yet, UPS drivers are considered to be more responsible in terms of doing their job. They are carefully trained and given instructions for proper care of their utilities.

Now, we are about to show you the difference between the wages paid to UPS delivery drivers and other vehicle drivers in America.  

Related JobsAverage Salary (per year)
Truck driver$51,000
Taxi driver$31,500
Pizza delivery driver$26,700
Furniture delivery driver$31,000

It is clearly seen that the average driver’s salary at UPS is more consistent and praiseworthy than others. The company is paying its drivers better than anyone. It trains them properly, employs them, and ensures an overall good living for its employees.

Salary effective factors

When you are a driver at UPS, you will notice the changes in the digits of your salary with time. See, the company values the skill and performance of its employees.

After a certain period of time, experienced drivers are paid better than inexperienced or part-time drivers. A couple of things impact your salary while on the job. Experience and Location are the top two. 

An inexperienced, newcomer driver is to prepare himself for more responsibility and skillful assignments. At this moment he may not get paid the most handsome amount. Still, with the minimum experience, a driver can earn easily $30,000 per year. On the other hand, an experienced driver can manage to cut a salary of around $65,000$90,000! Yes, UPS values the ability and skill with experience.

Even a mid-career driver can manage to earn more than $50,000 per year.

As for the location, a busy metropolitan city can be the choice to earn more than average in this job.

How to increase your salary at UPS?

A few steps can raise your salary. Since the job is mostly cooperative the driver must develop a quality of communication with the clients. We have sorted out certain aspects that can really help you improve your skill, experience as well as salary.

Toughen your skill:

Nourishing your skill throughout the job can rank your position for promotion or a higher scale of salary. Better communication skills should be the first achievement.

Delivering a package in time despite being larger in size will impact the overall score. Use a GPS navigation system to route and maintain the vehicle in a good way so that packages remain clean and tidy all the way home.

Look for opportunities:

Take more responsibility and train other drivers if you are eligible by the company’s standards. Ask for opportunities. Prove yourself as an expert at driving vehicles across the city lanes.

Develop skills in other areas at UPS. A useful skill may bump up the payouts.

Salaries of various other posts at UPS

At UPS, workers get paid hourly a preferable amount. More than 500,000 employees work daily in various locations. UPS ensures better payment for the on-field workers. We have included the salary of some other posts of the company where people work on the nail to deliver the job with responsibility.

PostAverage salary/hourly
Route driver$21.08
Delivery driver$20.66
Warehouse package handler$15.84
Warehouse worker$16.45
Material handler$20.02

UPS works pretty hard with its employees to fulfill the desire and happiness of getting things perfectly in time. Starting with the head of the company, the on-field workers, everyone is trying to make a better parcel service across the globe.

The company is participating in various environmental and economical advancements evenly. It is believed by the CEO of UPS, that someday UPS is going to change the world for the better.

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