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Yardi cost, is it expensive? Reviews with, Packages & Plans

Yardi is one of the popular real estate management or property management service company. They are providing software to manage all those things related to managing properties of small to medium size. However, it is not free but needs to pay an affordable subscription fee.

Though it requires payment, trust me it will make your life easier if you own more than one property. They will look for rent, take the rent, and respond to every call, message, and email about the rental. You can easily manage all your accounts and whatnot.

Yardi’s cost is quite low compared to another similar service provider. Based on the length of the service, it starts from $1 to $400. However, for the big project, one will have to contact them to settle the amount. Overall, they are affordable, effective, reliable, and someone you can trust with your properties.

Yardi cost

There are many families or persons who have multiple properties who have to deal with many things related to those. Also, companies and organizations having many offices, housings, and things like that need to manage various real estate agendas and whatnot.

Managing all of those with a single hand is close to impossible. Mainly, people owing personal properties, and managing all of those alone is not possible to do besides all the works of regular life. One will have to deal with utility bills, renting, advertising, selecting tenants, maintenance request, collecting rent, and so many other things.

To solve this kind of problem and save people from such misery intelligent people designed a program called the property management system. To work in a more modern and effective way so that the owner can access and do their work from anywhere, it becomes online-based.

There are many cloud-based real estate management software doing all the work for you. Yardi is one of that platforms. So, in this article, I will be talking about Yardi’s aim, cost, mission, benefits, and everything that concerns you.

What is Yardi?

In simple words, Yardi is a cloud-based end-to-end property management solution. It will specifically manage every real estate business for you. It can be for one person or an entire organization, they can manage and keep track of every real estate agenda by this.

This system is suitable for small to mid-property or organizations such as affordable housing, senior living, student housing, commercial, military, self-storage, government, and more. There is a single database in the Yardi Voyager, users can access every important workflow from there.

It is possible to manage the business operation, handle the accounting, and many other things using different tools. All of these are completely online and they will not have to go anywhere for that. That means you can run your company or do your job while checking all the updates of your properties.

How much is the cost of Yardi?

About the pricing of Yardi, they have mentioned the Yardi Breeze and Breeze premium. However, the clarified mention is about the small business and residential. If one is going for any big project one will have to contact the authority and get the pricing according to the situation of both of the parties. For now, the pricing is,

  • $1/unit per month
  • $100/mo minimum
  • $200/mo minimum for commercial portfolios
  • Additional per-transaction services

Let’s have the estimate of the pricing according to the type of organization they take on business.

cost of Yardi
cost of Yardi

What does Yardi do?

Firstly, Yardi is an accounting software to manages all your accounts of your property. However, they also offer some additional tools to manage other sorts of real estate businesses effectively. The popular service of theirs for the customer is to find tenants for the property and collect rent from them.

That means they will serve as the pole between you and the customer looking for accommodation. Here, the main challenge will be collecting the rent, looking for any maintenance requests, and setting up every bill and all.

Here, they also offer every sort of service that concern the owner. That means they are all in one service for the real estate business. Some of their important jobs are,

  1. Find the rental and screen all the applications to find the best one.
  2. Accepting rent payments online.
  3. Accept the maintenance request from the rental and take the necessary steps.
  4. Managing calendar tasks like lease expirations, tour dates, etc.
  5. Keep connection with residents via text and email for all further work.
  6. Suggest you the best deal by searching the internet, and many more.

What are the products of Yardi?

Yardi is an indented real estate management company running all their activity completely online. It is more convenient for areas like we are living in where time is the most valuable thing. Here, one can easily manage all their property-based issues by seating on the couch of their living room or seating at their job.

Moreover, to make things easier with their customer, this company has three different products, Breeze, Breeze Premier, and Voyager.

What is the breeze?

The first and the most affordable option of the company is the breeze. It is for the light customers having the smallest business. Here, the organization will even deal with 1 unit and the cost will be the lowest.

What is the Breeze premier?

It comes after the breeze service costs more than the other one. Moreover, having this package or products the customer will have more services open to them. It is good for small to mid-level households or businesses.

What is Voyager?

Are you owning a multifamily property in a different location or running a real estate business and want to keep all the accounts together? The Yardi Voyager is the best option for you. This product is best for handling mid to big projects keeping all the portfolio together. That means one will not have to take separate services for an individual property. They can handle and manage everything together from one single profile.

What are the features of Yardi?

After knowing the prices of all the services of a different type, it is usual that one will want to know what they going to offer. Also, there are some types like the MH and PHA where all the pricing is hidden. So, it will be easier for companies to decide whether they should contact the authority or not if they know the features of that service. Therefore, the features of all the types are,

Type of ServiceFeatures
Residential1. Property management
2. Marketing & leasing
3. Rent collection
4. Accounting
5. Accounts payable
6. Owner tools
7. Maintenance
8. Renters Insurance
Commercial1. Property management
2. Accounting
3. Accounts payable
4. Came recovery
5. Rest collection
6. Owner tools
7. Maintenance
Affordable Housing1. Property management
2. Compliance
3. Owner tools
4. Rent collection
5. Maintenance
6. Accounting
7. Accounts payable
8. Renters Insurance
Self-Storage1. Property management
2. Marketing & leasing
3. Rent collection
4. Accounting
5. Accounts payable
6. Maintenance
7. Owner tools
Associations1. Property management
2. Community tracking
3. Maintenance
4. Accounting
5. Fee collection
6. Accounts payable
Manufactured Housing or MH1. Property management
2. Community tracking
3. Rent collection
4. Maintenance
5. Accounting
6. Accounts payable
7. Renters Insurance
PHA1. Property management
2. Voucher management
3. Compliance
4. HCV landlord tools
5. Rent collection
6. Maintenance
7. Accounting
8. Accounts payable
9. Renters Insurance

What are the pros and cons of Yardi?

When we use any service, it is normal that we will not like all the features of that or them. Also, the experience with the same product will be different for different people. So, here are the advantages and disadvantages of Yardi follow up by our thorough research online.

Extremely responsive and flexible.Some people have faced trouble with the payment method.
The pricing is logical and affordable.Some think the process is unorganized.
Users can easily change the seating and the features of their profile. 
Jumping from one product to another is effortless preserving all the old data. 
Can be used on different platforms such as laptops, mobile, and all. 

Customer reviews of Yardi, what do they say about it?

There is a mix of reviews coming from customers and true users of Yardi. Some of them think it is the best platform to manage all your property agenda. However, some think it is not as friendly as they claim. Also, there is a group with no comments on that. Overall, the customer rating for the service was good enough to recommend it to someone. Let’s see what they say individual phase.

Cash Flow Analysis5
Contact Management5
Property Database4.6
Commercial Property Management4.5
Customer Support4.5
Value for money4.5

Is there any alternative to Yardi?

Luckily there are many property management software or companies giving such service. So, if one does not like the service of some they can always switch to a better option. Well, Yardi is one of the best options to consider seeing all the phases and factors. Moreover, if one wants better service and is ready to invest more one can check out the companies listed below.

  1. AppFolio Property Manager
  2. Entrata
  3. Buildium
  4. On-Site
  5. ResMan
  6. RealPage
  7. Rent Manager
  8. MRI Property Management
  9. Building Engines
  10. Door Loop

What are the benefits of using Yardi over another service like theirs?

It is the most common question to ask when there are many alternatives to Yardi in the market. One must ask such things to know where they will invest their money and is reliable enough to trust with their properties.

Well, there are many benefits of Yardi over all the other similar types of software. Mainly, Yardi is one of the most used platforms where one can manage multiple properties from one single portfolio. Some of the other benefits are,


The flexibility of the software attracts people the most. One can easily use any of their products. For example, if you are using the breeze and want to move to Voyager, transferring the database from one another is easy and fast.


Compared to others, this company is charging less but gives the best service. That means the value of money is preserved with them.


There are many tools and plugs in the software to use and customize the user profile. If you are used to the interface, you can easily customize all your accounts, billing, maintenance, and everything effortlessly.

Moreover, some of the benefits of Yardi over others pointed out by the users are,

1. Increase your productivity with a flexible marketing, leasing, and operations platform.

2. Organize your finances with reliable built-in accounting.

3. Provide online tools for residents to sign leases, pay rent, and seek maintenance.

4. Use corporate accounting technologies to maintain operations’ organization.

5. Use CRM follow-up actions to boost productivity.

6. Keep track of job costs to stay within your budget.

What is the integration offered by Yardi Voyager?

The integration offered by the Voyager service of the company is intense. All the options are available for the venture from small to big. Those are,

  1. Investment Suite
  2. Multifamily Suite
  3. Public Housing Suite
  4. Commercial Suite
  5. Student Housing Suite
  6. Senior Living Suite
  7. Marketing Suite
  8. Affordable Housing Suite

Which products or service is owned by Yardi or affiliates of Yardi?

You may think that Yardi is an individual company running only one wing. But it is not, they are a giant organization running many products, those are,

  1. Breeze
  2. RentCafe
  3. Commercial Cafe
  4. Condo Cafe
  5. Storage case
  6. Vendor Cafe
  7. Yardi Kube
  8. Yardi Marketplace
  9. Yardi Matrix
  10. Point2
  11. Property Shark
  13. Multi-Housing News
  14. Commercial Property Executive
  15. Yardi Corom
  16. Commercial Edge

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