Zillow premier agent worth the money

Will Zillow premier agent worth the money and the time? An experimental overview for clients and agents.

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One of the interesting and time-consuming jobs is, buying a new property and selling the old one. places like the United State with an extremely busy life, it is hard to do it by yourself. That is why the job of relators is so in trend here. Even with so much of needs, they do not get so much of jobs because of fewer connections.

Here serve platforms like Zillow. It is best for both agents and clients. One party search for someone to help them buy or sell a place. The other party looks for people who will pay them for the service. Featuring so much of benefits the site takes a little.

In terms of confusion about whether Zillow’s premier agent is worth the money, it surely does. You will be paying them little as $30 high as $500 based on your sale rate. In return, you are getting the platform with the highest engagement and job rate.

Zillow premier agent worth the money

When we move from one city to another or even one country to another, housing or accommodation is the first thing that concerns us even more before going there. Having a roof over our heads is important to call it home, feel safe, and share good times and memories with our friends and family.

However, in many states or cities in America, housing sometimes becomes a black diamond. It is extremely difficult to find a home here such as in the city of Seattle and more. That is why people look for an agent to help them.

Not only this, but people also find it difficult to sell their existing homes when they want to buy something new or want to move from the city. For selling, buying, or renting a home, everything is quite difficult in almost every city in the United State.

That is why there are real estate agencies like Zillow premier Agents that offer real estate services. One can hire regular agents or premium agents for any service related to the sector. The clients will pay the agents for their service according to their prefixed price.

If you are looking for a trusted agency and heard about Zillow’s and thinking about its worthiness, this is the right place for you to dive deep into the fact. In short, if your specific question is will it worth your time and money? I will say yes. They are quite professionals and working in this country for a long time.

Not only for the clients, but this agency is also for the relators too. If you do not know, real estate agents are self-employed. They are not bounded to any company with fixed salaries. They work with agencies but their earnings will base on their performance. The agencies will only help them to find the leads on clients and for that, they will get a commission from their earnings.

So, this platform also helps those agents to find the best leads to sell property, buy property, or help clients to rent a property. The more the project, the more they can earn from that. That is why they search for better agencies like Zillow.

Though there are some verbal and rated bad reviews you will find, they are doing great. Some people will say they are not good if you ask. Also, you will find some bad reviews on some third-party websites too. Well, I will say, you should take their service before going on any details.

zillow agent

What is Zillow Premier Agent and how does it work?

In specific words, Zillow is a real estate agency that allows both realtors and clients to add to provide service or get service. It is all about selling, buying, and renting property. Some enthusiastic founded this agency back in 2006 in Seattle. Their main motto was to hold the burning market of this city.

We all know that Seattle is one of the most lively and affordable cities in the capital. However, finding a home or selling a property is quite hard because of high demand and high scam rates. So, it is always in demand for good service in this sector. So, they thought of giving the best service in this area from a business ensuring the benefit of everyone.

Amazingly, this is one of the most popular agencies in this country. Also, their website is the most visited one in the whole country. According to an official statistic, more than 232 million unique visitors visit and spend more than 3 minutes searching for different services.

If you are completely unknown of this platform and do not have any idea, how it works, it works on a simple strategy, ads. There are three parties here, the authority of the organizations who are responsible for every maintenance, setting every policy, and preserving all the rights and security.

Second is the relators or the real estate agents, they are the pipe of the clients for all the matters regarding the property. They provide service through the organization and earn from that service.

Finally, the clients who search for an agent to help them with their issues whether it is about buying a property, selling one, or renting a home of a different type.

The service of the end users, relators, and clients, everything works on the advertisement. The website has features where both of them can open an account individually and post for their desires. Also, there are some other important features like rating the agents and the new one can hire agents based on the review of their previous service.

What is the cost of the Zillow premier agent?

Sadly, this platform is not free at all. Everyone will have to pay a price if they want to take any service. Mostly, the cost is all about the ads. If you are a client or someone looking for a home or want to sell one, you will have to pay for giving ads. The same goes for the real estate agents, they will also have to pay to give ads and maintain their premium account.

However, the pricing of Zillow is not fixed but fluctuates on many things. It can be different for individuals living in the same city. Many factors such as the value of the property, competition of realtors in that area, percentage of the leads you want to get, and so many other things. Therefore, it is hard but not impossible to give a guess of the overall cost.

Based on the area, the cost can be $300 to $3000. As we said, it will extremely vary on things. So, you have the liberty to choose things to minimize the overall cost. If you are a client, you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee which is not much. For taking the yearly subscription, the cost will feel nothing. However, one will not need to take for a year if they do not have much of a business.

Zillow advertising cost based on the Zipcode

I have already mentioned that the advertising cost in Zillow will depend on so many factors. Mainly, the zip code or the location of the product. Also, the market situation for that product as well as demand. Not a single thing is going to decide on that.

However, I have researched the platform for a few days and estimated a close overview for our readers. One can take this as an example and guess what about the overall situation.

ZIP CodesMedian Listing PriceZillow Market TemperatureAverage CPM
19707 – Hockessin, DE$452,641Warm$62
19807 – Wilmington, DE$765,413Cold$76
19803 – Fairfax, DE$377,250Hot$25
19808 – Wilmington, DE$281,024Hot$61
19806 – Wilmington, DE$280,723Warm$32
27870 – Roanoke Rapids, NC$84,947No data$20
27850 – Littleton, NC$279,087No data$30
20878 – Gaithersburg, MD$578,289Hot$43
Table: Zillow premier agent cost according to zip code

From the above table, if we analyze the data of the first row, the zip code of 19707 has a property of $452,641 worth. Also, the demand to take these leads is warm in the Zillow market. That means many realtors requested to get this project. So, for this one, the cost will be around $62. It can be a little low or more based on other things.

However, the cost of the ad can be high if the property is expensive, even if the market is cold. For a property of $765,413 worth in the 19807 area, the market temperature is cold. But one will have to pay $76 to get these leads. Therefore, it will not only depend on the zip code only or the temperature of the market.

Every feature will somewhat amplify the overall cost. So, one will have to research every single point before they place a request. Moreover, paying for ads that have no hope of high sales will also call a loss for the agents.

Why should one choose Zillow premier agent?

I guess, there should not be such a question after reading the above information. One should already know why anyone should choose the Zillow premier agent service. First of all, it is one of the most trustworthy agencies in the real estate world of the USA.

Another important reason is millions of users visit their online platform of theirs for various information per day. The number is not few if we compare. That means there are many opportunities for self-employed jobs like realtors. They will get many leads of high value and they can earn much from that.

Being the largest real estate agency in the overall country, the platform is extremely user-friendly. Anyone even with zero knowledge of all that things can easily use this. Also, the strategy. The privacy policy and security terms of this site are extremely high.

Zillow Premier Agent Vs Zillow Listed agent, which one to choose?

If you are planning to use the Zillow service and hire an agent, you must know the user interface of the site. Also, it is important that you can differentiate between agents to get the best and most proper service. For the agents, they will have to open an agent profile on the website first.

Then they will show as an agent. After that, if they actively participate and spend time searching for leads, and giving ads, they will be listed as listing agents. Finally, the agents who already provided some quality service, they will be shown as premier agents. Let’s have a look at the image below to be cleared it.

Zillow Premier Agent
source: Zillow.com

As we can see in the image, both types of agents have identical types besides their names. Also, the premier agents will number the rating given by several people. Also, the number of deals they did here will be shown below the name and ratings.

However, the listing agents will have those but the rating will be zero as well as the deal or sales. One can easily differentiate them using those features and calls the premier Zillow agent in their needs. In case, one wants someone who charges low, they must go for the listed agent. Because they normally ask for lower than the others since they are new here.

How to become a Zillow premier agent?

If you are a licensed real estate agent and looking for work, Zillow can be a great option. Because this job is all about linking with people. If you cannot reach out to more, you cannot earn properly. We already know that millions of people visited their websites every day. So, the audience will be a lot more here.

That is why having a premier account here is always a thought for the people of this profession. The good news is, you do not have to do much to open a premier and professional account here. Simply, open an agent account first.

After that add some more additional information such as your address, contact information, and credit card information. It is for deducting the account subscription fee, contacting you, and sending necessary documents to your address.

Also, one can easily switch their account to professional mode. For that, they will have to go to the setting and select the account setting. There will be an options account type, and from there they will have to choose the professional account option.

You have to remember that they will charge you for the premier account. It can be monthly or yearly based on their policy. So, before opening an account, you must not forget to read all the policies and privacy of the company.

By this, you can be sure about the fees and your overall cost. Also, you can be knowledgeable for further actions regarding opening and maintaining the account. It is wise to know about all of the rules and regulations before paying so for any service.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of Zillow Premier agent?

After all the research on the introduction, how it works, what is the user interface, and all, one feels curious about the advantages and disadvantages of this platform. It is not usual to have no cons to anything including any service.

Mainly, no real estate agent is free of criticism. Some of them have many and some of them have few disadvantages. As of Zillow, different people experience different things here. From some of our research and verbal communication with people going through the service, I point out some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Zillow Premier Service

  1. It is one of the biggest platforms with millions of visitors. So, the engagement of clients and agents is more than any other agency.
  2. Even if one is a listed agent, one can respond to ads by paying the fee.
  3. The newbie also can start earning from here with the best deals of their career.
  4. One can track their performance using the dashboard.
  5. It is possible to see the performance and activities of other agents for every zip code.
  6. There is a special feature CRM or Client relationship manager, in this one can change routes with others based on their leads.

Disadvantages of Zillow Premier Service

1. Depending on the zip code, the charge of leads can be too expensive compared to others.

2. Sometimes the lead generators are not responsive.

3. It is possible to get buyer leads who do not respond.

What are the features of Zillow’s premier agent?

One of the best things about Zillow premier agent is, there are many features available to use. One can design their user profile as they want. They can use their creativity to make it look attractive to the clients with photos, videos, and other media.

Moreover, it is possible to use so many of the features without even paying. One can simply open a free agent account and take their time to explore this platform. In the meantime, they can use the free features to make their profile looks creative and good.

The free user also can use services like Zillow’s client relationship manager (CRM). Also, users can add 3D home tours to list their ads to reach out to more clients. For that, one has to use the app which is ava. In the play store for free. Let’s know about the most useful features of this platform.

Leads Generation

The feature of advertising your service as a premier agent will generate many leads for you. Since you are taking the service of the highest visited real estate agent website, the exposure to clients will be much more. According to a statistic from Zillow, around 73% of the buyers take the service of their first interviewed agent on this site.

Client Communication Resources

It is easier to maintain communication on their website as well as the app. It is like all the other social media messengers. One can keep a record of the messages with the clients. The interesting feature of it is they can see the summary of all the conversation in simple points. The AI tools used in their system will make that summary a quick pick in busy schedules.

Also, every time one gets a new message, they will get a notification if they are using the mobile app. If you are not using the app, you will get an email notification if you allow the notification to be pushed into the email that you registered in the portal. 

CRM And Transaction Management

One of the best features of Zillow is the customer relationship management tool (CRM). Through this, agents can easily track all their connections and progress. If you can manage all your contacts in the CRM, that means you can make an organized report on your overall activity easily.

It is possible to create custom reports according to the given data by the clients in the platform. It will help them engage more clients to their profile and get more projects on hand which means more earnings.


Advertising on the website is two types. One is offering service and the other one is seeking service. Only the premier agent can give ads on the website paying a fee and grabbing leads given by the client. It also is not free of charge. According to different features, the charge can be different.

However, the best thing is that Zillow promises the best advertising service by engaging the majority of an authentic audience. Moreover, this is not only bounded to one platform but they use other partner sites to give the best feedback to their service holders.

My Agent Program

One of the disadvantages of the premier agent service is that they will not get exclusive leads. They only get it for like 30 days. It is estimated by calculating the approximate visit of a client to their website per month.

To provide the best benefit out of the cons of this website, they run a My agent promo. By this, the premier agent can get the exclusive get. However, for that, they need to increase their engagement on the website. Also, they must crack bug deals and get some positive reviews from the clients.

Mobile App

To make the connection better and to increase usability, there is no alternative to a mobile app. It is unusual to keep the laptop open all the time and access the website to know what is happening. However, an app will make things easier by sending notifications. Also, it is convenient to use it with just one click anywhere anytime.

Zillow: Homes For Sale & Rent .apk

Zillow Real Estate & Rentals .iso

ROI Calculator

When we do business or something like that, we calculate the profit we get out of our investment. It is the most basic thing in the process of earning. Here, in this platform one will have to invest to earn. So, the fact of calculating Return on Investment (ROI) comes automatically.

However, calculating ROI manually is something time-consuming and irritating. But the good thing is, this platform will track all your activity including your investment and your income of yours. Also, the system has an ROI calculator which will automatically calculate your ROI.  

To make sure that you get an accurate result, never forget to checkout that all your sales report are accurately placed on the calculator. Also, you can manually use the calculator to calculate the profit. In any way, this can be used to get the best output.

Agent Finder Page

It is specifically for the clients to use. I have already mentioned that there are three types of accounts here and one of those is clients. They can check out the website to find an agent. It can be for selling or buying any property.

The clients can easily filter agents by level, zip code, type, city, and more. Also, they can filter them by language too. Some of the clients may not know some specific language properly and hire someone who can talk to them in their mother tongue.

Zillow Agent Finder Page
Source: Zillow.com

Real Estate Team Management

Normally, real estate agents work alone since it is a self-employed type of job. However, there is a way to build a team and work together. Here, on the Zillow website, one can join a team of an agent through Real Estate Team Management.

This decision of yours will make your work easier. You can switch routes with your other team members and you can use the team performance for better branding. If some teams allow you to join them even if you are a newbie, you can get amazing leads at the beginning of your career because of the performance of other members.

zillow Real Estate Team Management
Source: zillow.com

What are the best alternatives for Zillow Premier agents?

It is not unusual to search for alternatives even for the best service place. Zillow is the best platform for real estate business. However, the service charge here is quite high for some places and sometimes. That is why people search for alternatives that will provide almost similar services and charge less.

Some of the best alternatives are,

Market LeaderHubspotPlacesterBold Leads
Monthly PricingStarting at $139Free$99Starting at $499 per user

The listed name is the most common name that has an online platform like the one we are discussing. Offering an almost similar type of service they somewhat charge less. However, there is still something about Zillow that no one else can give. Mainly, the engagement, professionalism, unique features, and more.

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